Nathan Hodges

BA (Hons) Dip. Arch. RIBA

Nathan is a Director and a founding member of SCH, he has been working with Dean Smith prior to the formation of the practice.  

Having received both his degree and diploma from Kingston University, Nathan was awarded a commendation for design from the RIBA. He gained much experience before joining the practice, working for a variety of London practices and CHORA Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, a charitable organisation which concentrates on improving the damaged infrastructures of eastern European countries through innovative urban planning. 

He also spent two years working directly with Contractors and Developers with the specific intention of understanding first-hand the reality of construction work. This technical experience has proved invaluable to him as a project architect and manager of the firm’s Health & Safety and Quality Control systems.

Nathan is particularly interested in work with complex existing buildings and as part of his wide portfolio with the practice and has led several major refurbishment works. He has a dedicated, positive approach and much experience running difficult central London projects.  Recently he successfully led a team working on a large mixed use development in Covent Garden, London.