Though much of our work is focused in London and the South East, SCH have extensive national and international experience. We have been involved in projects throughout the UK, from Edinburgh to Cornwall and have a growing workload with associated offices in the South West of England, China, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.


The practice is currently working with long term major developers such as Shaftesbury Plc., CLS Plc., The Structadene Group and Royal London Asset Management.


As employers, we are committed to our staff and invest in the process of continuous learning. The practice has a well regulated CPD programme in place to which all staff can contribute. As an equal opportunities employer, employment and progression is based on personal and technical merit only.


We are dedicated to efficient provision of services; organisation, design and production is kept in-house and there is a continual stream of contact between all members of the Design Team, Clients and Consultants. A Director is assigned to each project to lead a team of project architects, architects and architectural assistants. At every stage, work is reviewed, assessed and refined: project architects check and evaluate all production from their team and directors are involved in critical reviews at key stages. Once a project is on site, associates and directors conduct regular inspections to review the quality of work from contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. 


"SCH have tackled the project with enthusiasm, commitment and skill. I and other members of the client body found them approachable, helpful and willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve success."

Mick Perry, Low Profile Productions limited, on the MTV Project.